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Relating to lactation.
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[9] The aetiology of lactational breast abscess is milk stasis due to blockage of engorged lactiferous ducts and the following infection.
More women in the intervention group had heard about condoms, lactational and amenorrhea method (LAM) and abstinence than in the control group; however, fewer women in the intervention group had heard about other traditional methods than in the control group.
El grupo control, GC (n=4), la hembras prenadas no recibieron intervencion experimental durante los periodos gestacional y lactational. El grupo estres prenatal, EP (n=4), recibio estres por restriccion de movimiento de la madre, de acuerdo al protocolo de Ward & Weisz (1980).
At 31 mo of age, there were no significant differences in the size of the children associated with PCDD/PCDF exposure reported as toxic equivalents (TEQs), whether by concentration in breast milk or by cumulative lactational exposure (Ilsen et al.
In women of reproductive age these are predominantly lactational but nonlactational abscesses are also seen in premenopausal older woman.
More than 30% of participants were aware of rhythm or withdrawal method, and only 6.2% were aware of lactational amenorrhea.
She was unaware of the current pregnancy because of lactational amenorrhoea and gestation was estimated at a possible 18 weeks based on recent perception of fetal movements.
An understanding of the mechanisms by which hormones such as GCs bring about secretory and lactational differentiation may offer clues to the prevention of breast cancer as studies have linked full-term pregnancies in early life with reduction of the likelihood of breast carcinogenesis [8].
Betzold, "An update on the recognition and management of lactational breast inflammation," Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, vol.
"During exclusive breastfeeding, the pulsatile release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone is suppressed with a corresponding suppression of the growth of ovarian follicles resulting in lactational amenorrhea and anovulation.
Lactational performance of adolescent mothers shows preliminary differences from that of adult women.