lactase persistence

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lac·tase per·sis·tence

an inherited trait (autosomal dominant) in which the levels of lactase do not decline after weaning. Compare: lactase restriction.
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The T/G 13915 variant upstream of the lactase gene (LCT) is the founder allele of lactase persistence in an urban Saudi population.
bar]-13915) & TT-13915) 1 (TG) 31 32 Symptomatic Positive (LI) (42) 0 10 10 Asymptomatic (LT) 1 (CT) 0 1 Symptomatic Negative (LI) (8) 7 (2CT&5TG) 0 7 Asymptomatic (LT) NHP 2 (TG) 0 2 Symptomatic (LI) TOTAL 11 41 52 LP: Lactase Persistence, LNP: Lactase Non-Persistence, LHBT: Lactose Hydrogen Breath Test, NHP: Non Hydrogen Producers.
Chromosomal linkage: SNPs near the lactase persistence mutation are inherited together with it, giving geneticists evidence of selection; and
Data collection: volunteers in various African populations are shown being tested for the lactase persistence phenotype (ingestion of lactose followed by periodic finger pricks and blood glucose monitoring)
Learning about the prevalence of these alleles in different Colombian subpopulations will clarify whether it is useful to genotype them during clinical assessments for lactase persistence.
We determined the frequencies of two SNPs associated with the lactase persistence in Europeans from a sample of mestizos from the Colombian Caribbean population.
13910] allele frequency is in close agreement with that found in several African populations, where is too low or absent and cannot explain reported frequencies of lactase persistence in such populations (11).
Now, looking at this picture from Spain, she added that the calcium-assimilation hypothesis either didn't affect the evolution of lactase persistence at all, or other forces were there as well.
So the first thing she did was test their DNA for lactase persistence.
To figure out whether the recent and rapid spread of lactase persistence in Spain was a fluke or if natural selection was at play, Sverrisdottir and colleagues compared the mitochondrial DNA of modern Spaniards with the ancient samples.
An upstream polymorphism associated with lactase persistence has increased enhancer activity.
PCR-RFLP genotyping assay for a lactase persistence polymorphism upstream of the lactase-phlorizin hydrolase gene.