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, gen.


(lak, lak'tis),
1. Synonym(s): milk (1)
2. Any whitish, milklike liquid.
[L. milk]


Abbreviation for:
lactic acid
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lay Advisory Committee 
Licensed Acupuncturist
Local Authority Circular
Local Authority Company
looked-after children, see there
lupus anticoagulant
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Commenting on the drill results, Director of Metals Australia, Mr Gino D'Anna stated: 'Drilling at Lac Rainy has continued to exceed our expectations.
LAC Executive Director Ather Ali Khan said the artists have been working hard to restore nine rare paintings into their original form.
FAREWELL: A farewell ceremony was held in the honour of the former chairperson board of governors (BoG) of the LAC, Tauqeer Nasir, on Monday at Alhamra Art Centre, The Mall.
Last month, informed sources had revealed that the PLA transgressed the LAC at least thrice s in August in the Uttarakhand state.
Shortly thereafter, optical astronomers found that this radio source coincided positionally with BL Lac. Because no star had been discovered before with such peculiar radio properties, astronomers conducted a comprehensive visible-light campaign on this object.
ME[micro]venpick Hotel du Lac Tunis est la troisieme propriete de la chaine hoteliere en Tunisie et sa 23eme en Afrique avec cinq hotels supplementaires qui ouvriront dans la region d'ici 2020.
But Lac Kivu is napped to land the spoils in the Guinness Novice Hurdle.
Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed has assets worth more than Rs4 crore 75 lac.
Arianne said FLSmidth introduced the Lac a Paul project to the official Danish Export Credit Agency Eksport Kredit Fonden (EKF), an agency established in 1922, supporting commercial agreements by assisting with credit arrangements.
Although tax-to-GDP ratios are increasing across the LAC region, the report highlights that the 21.7 percent average is still well below the corresponding 34.4 percent OECD average in 2014.
Understanding the general public's lack of legal knowledge, the LAC produces publications and comics in lay person's terms to equip the public with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities on matters that affect their daily lives as well as procedures to follow for standing on these rights and services to access following understanding of their availability.
Lac, a senior mining company in Vancouver, saw the published results and arranged with Corona to view the property on May 6, 1981.