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Plural of labrum.
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Plural of labrum.
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(lā′brŭm) ('bră) plural.labra [L. labrum, lip]
A lip or a liplike structure.
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They told authorities the woman was acting suspiciously and appeared to be looking for someone or something)," Labra said in a press briefing in Sulu.
Description: Miospore, trilete, amb triangular, angles rounded, sides straight to partially concave, trilete distinct, flat, arms of lete extending up to angles, labra poorly developed, commissure smooth, contact area masked by dark exinal band within the vaccinity of Y'' marking, exine infra granulate, grana less than 1m in diameter appearing flat or rounded, visible only upon careful L-O analysis.
A moderate correlation (r = 0.43, P = 0.09) was found between the number of career innings pitched and presence of a combination of SLAP and anterior/ posterior labra tears.
LXXIV) en Las Cogotas debido a que este tipo de instrumento, aunque puede utilizarse en otro tipo de piedras, no se emplea en la labra del granito (Rockwell, 1993: 44).
Carilda Oliver Labra (Cuba, 1922-) inicio su exitosa y larga carrera en las letras cubanas en 1949 con la publicacion de su segundo libro, el poemario Al sur de mi garganta, galardonado en 1950 con el prestigioso Premio Nacional de Poesia.
With 16 member restaurants, LABRA's focus is to "effectively use our buying power to promote and grow black restaurants," says Dean Jones, general manager of the Expo and advisor to LABRA.
CHICAGO (ANS)--Maria Labra has been urban gardening for years, raising vegetables in her backyard and along the steep railroad embankment that runs alongside her busy street, but this year she plans to harvest a new crop to feed her family--fish.
Police Colonel Pablo Labra, provincial director of the Sulu Provincial Police Office, said the explosion killed three soldiers from the 1st Battalion Combat Team with ranks of private first class and corporal.