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According to reports, the Food and Drugs Administration ( FDA) had collected samples from Agra in November last year and subsequently sent them for laboratory tests in Lucknow.
Errors in treatment occur as a result of an error in performing a process, such as an inaccurate specimen analysis, misinterpretation of a laboratory test result, a delay performing a laboratory test or a delay in action by a clinician after receiving the laboratory test result.
As in previous editions, the sorted information by specific laboratory test is also further broken down into separate categories, which are sorted by body fluid, whether the effect is thought to be analytical or physiological, and whether the effect results in an increase, decrease, or no effect on the concentration or activity of the analyte.
No single laboratory test can definitely prove or disprove SLE.
The researchers used a laboratory test that split apart the antigen-antibody complex, releasing the bound antibody so it could be detected.
109 specifies tire dimensions and laboratory test requirements for bead unseating resistance, strength, endurance and high speed performance, defines tire load ratings and specifies labeling requirements for passenger car tires.
The main factors HCFA considered in determining how a laboratory test would be classified are the degree of risk of harm to the patient if the test is performed incorrectly, the complexity of the method required to perform and/or interpret the test, and the likelihood of erroneous results.

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