labor induction

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1. the process or act of causing to occur.
2. the production of a specific morphogenetic effect in the embryo through evocators or organizers, or the production of anesthesia or unconsciousness by use of appropriate agents.
3. the generation of an electric current or magnetic properties in a body because of its proximity to an electrified or magnetized object.
4. reasoning from particular instances to general conclusions.
labor induction in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as initiation or augmentation of labor by mechanical or pharmacological methods.
ovulation induction treatment of infertility in the female by administration of hormones that stimulate the ovaries.
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The IMPROVE trial was designed to address a knowledge gap: comparing the efficacy and safety of vaginal misoprostol versus buccal misoprostol for cervical ripening in women undergoing labor induction at term
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Previously, different types of medical preparations such as vaginal prostaglandin E2 (Minprostin[R], a vaginal gel, Pfizer, NY, USA, or Propess, an insert with slow-release of PGE2, Ferring, Malmo, Sweden) or mechanical methods (balloon catheters, Bard[R]/Rusch[R], Cook Medical, USA) were used at the clinic as primary methods for labor induction in the case of an immature cervix (Bishop score (BS) [less than or equal to] 5).
(11-13) In 2002, the first report on the sublingual administration of misoprostol for labor induction was published.
[sup][5] Some women choose elective cesarean sections just because they are worried about an unsuccessful labor induction.
It has been seen that induction with higher dose oxytocin increments does not shorten time to delivery, but is often associated with an increase in uterine hyperstimulation, whereas low dose oxytocin is found to be appropriate and safe for labor induction. (13)
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In another case, a woman with severe pregnancy complications was repeatedly denied labor induction and a cesarean section until a 36-hour labor put the child in distress.
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