labioscrotal folds

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la·bi·o·scro·tal folds

lateral folds at either side of the embryonic cloacal membrane that develop into either the scrotum or the labia majora.
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The scrotum forms by fusion of the fetal labioscrotal folds under the influence of dihydrotestosterone between 8-16 weeks of gestation.
As a result, there is no fusion of the genital folds to form scrotum and penis and no posterior migration of the labioscrotal folds (5).CAIS can result from a wide variety of inactivating mutations in the AR gene.
Although hypospadias may be suspected during the early second trimester or even the first half of pregnancy, a diagnosis at this time may be erroneous because the fusion of the labioscrotal folds in a male fetus may be delayed.
Key feature in physical examination is the presence of gonads in labioscrotal folds or inguinal canal.
Asymmetry is primarily seen as a result of greater virilization of the labioscrotal fold derived structures on one side compared with the other.