labial frenum

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la·bi·al fre·num

(lābē-ăl frēnŭm)
Folds of mucous membrane extending from gingiva to midline of lower and upper lips, respectively.
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Using the diode laser in the lower labial frenum removal.
A 20 years old female reported to the OPD of Department of Dental surgery, AFMC with the chief complaint of small growth on the lateral side of labial frenum since 15 days (Figure1).
On examination, the lesion on the labial frenum was a well demarcated reddish pink, pedenculated growth with irregular margin of approximately 0.
Angle in 1907, suggested its removal before treating this malocclusion, but many authors later suggested no correlation between midline diastema and labial frenum.
The maxillary labial frenum is a fold of tissue, usually triangular in shape, extending from the maxillary midline area of the gingiva to the vestibule and midportion of the upperlip.
Patient had labially inclined pre maxilla and an accompanying severe labial undercut along with a class II labial frenum attachment.