labia oris

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 [la´be-um] (pl. la´bia) (L.)
lip. adj., adj la´bial.
Female external genitalia. From Applegate, 2000.
labium ma´jus (pl. la´bia majo´ra), an elongated fold in the female, one on either side of the rima pudendi.
labium mi´nus (pl. la´bia mino´ra), the small fold of skin on either side, between the labia majora and the opening of the vagina.
la´bia o´ris the lips of the mouth.
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Acronym for lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia or lymphoid interstitial pneumonia. See: lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia.


(lip), [TA]
1. One of the two muscular folds with an outer membrane having a stratified squamous cell epithelial surface layer that bound the mouth anteriorly.
See also: labium, labrum.
2. Any liplike structure bounding a cavity or groove.
See also: labium, labrum.
Synonym(s): labium (1) [TA]
[A.S. lippa]

lips of mouth

fleshy folds with skin externally and oral mucosa internally that surround the oval fissure and form the anterior walls of the oral vestibule; with the enclosed orbicularis oris and various dilator muscles, the lips constitute the cranial sphincter of the alimentary tract.
Synonym(s): labia oris [TA]
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labia oris

The lips of the mouth.
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