labia minora

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labia minora

The two thin inner folds of skin within the vestibule of the vagina enclosed within the cleft of the labia majora; nymphae.
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labia minora

The smaller inner folds of the labia (the mucocutaneous tissue that comprise the outer portal of the vagina).
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la·bi·a mi·no·ra

(lā'bē-ă mi-nō'ră)
Plural of labium minus.
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Labia minora

Minor lips; narrow folds of tissue between the labia major, on either side of the urethral and vaginal openings.
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"Labia minoras aren't symmetrical on the left and the right, and it's not a medical problem at all," says Dr.
Whatever the complications, surgical treatment should comply with one fundamental principle: it must be adapted to the area where the patient lives, hence responding to the patients' main concern that is to recover the anatomy they are accustomed to (restoration of the labia minora without clitoroplasty).
Labia majora was the predominant site of disease in 80%, labia minora in 14.3%, and clitoris in 5.7%.
A vulvar melanoma is characterised by an asymmetrical black macule, papule, or nodule often with an irregular border and with a diameter larger than 7 mm located on the mucosal surface most frequently on the labia majora, labia minora, or the clitoral hood [47, 69].
Genital examination revealed a vulvar white plaque with superficial erosions and an atrophic labia minora.
Michael Edwards, the society's president-elect, hailed the uptick as part of "an ever-evolving concept of beauty and self-confidence." One sought-after look, incidentally, is called--wait for it--the Barbie: a clamshell-type effect, meaning the outer labia appears fused, with no visible labia minora. I trust I don't need to remind the reader that Barbie (a) is made of plastic and (b) has no vagina.
She had a normal vaginal opening and labia majora, but no labia minora were present.
Physical examination revealed absence of vagina, although labia minora and majora were adequately developed.
(28) The FGM Act states that "[a] person is guilty of an offence if he excises, infibulates or otherwise mutilates the whole or any part of a girl's labia majora, labia minora or clitoris." (29) It provides exceptions for surgical operations necessary for a girl's physical or mental health and for surgical operations performed in connection with labour or birth, provided that such procedures are performed by registered medical practitioners, which, in the case of labor and birth, include registered midwives.
After 3 months of using an OCP containing 30 [micro]g EE and 3 mg drospirenone, the labia minora thickness and the vaginal introitus area significantly decreased in comparison with the baseline values.