labia majora

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labia majora

The two outer rounded folds of adipose tissue that lie on either side of the vaginal opening and form the external lateral boundaries of the vulva.
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labia majora

The larger outer folds of the labia (the mucocutaneous tissue that comprise the outer portal of the vagina).
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la·bi·a ma·jo·ra

(lā'bē-ă mă-jōr'ă)
Plural of labium majus.
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Labia majora

Major lips; mounds of tissue forming the lateral boundaries of the vulva.
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LABIA MINORA: These are the flaps or lips that are inside the labia majora. They are thinner and not as padded, and they can be big or small.
Upon presentation at our hospital, there was a 7x4-cm hard mass at the right labia majora extending to the right groin area.
They may be small or quite large and appear as tortuous, soft, compressible swellings over the external surface of the labia majora (Taingson et al., 2016).
Both labia majora and minora including the clitoris were removed along with the tumour.
The participants marked the areas of hair removal and the patterns were divided into the following four categories: total shaving, shaving (including the labia majora), shaving (excluding the labia majora), and no shaving.
Epidermoid cysts (atheromas) are 5-10 mm, smooth, dome-shaped, yellow-white lesions located on labia majora and around the clitoris in middle-aged and elderly women (Figure 3).
On examination, there were huge multiple masses, friable, cauliflower-like in appearance, dark grayish-pink in colour on her vulva involving both labia majora, extending anteriorly to the mons pubis and posteriorly to the perianal region, completely obliterating the urethral orifice, vaginal introitus, and anal opening (Figure 1).
Significant findings on clinical exam included an abnormal genitourinary exam with hypoplastic labia majora, small fused labia minora, and a single opening in the urethral/vaginal area which yielded turbid white fluid when a catheter was placed temporarily.
Palpable mass in the labia majora may be bowel hernia, A lymph node, a hydrocele of the canal of nuck, an abscess, hamartoma, lipoma, or a mesothelial cyst.
A 38-year-old healthy woman presented with a three-year history of a painless swelling on the left labia majora. The swelling was gradually increasing in size.
Clearly the ideas for her feminist imagery were incubating during this period, as evident in her paintings Fatal Echo (Labia Majora) and Fatal Echo (Latent Seed), both 1993, in which halved papayas occupy center stage.
* Type II: Partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora, with or without excision of the labia majora (excision).