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Clinical pharmacology The affixing or attaching of labels and other written, printed or graphic matter on an article or any of its containers or wrappers, or accompanying such article
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Patient discussion about labeling

Q. Provide me some examples of food labels and nutrition calculations. Hello, Can any one provide me some examples of food labels and nutrition calculations?

A. I have given some 5 basic questions and answers which are related to food labels and nutrition calculations. Hope you will find it useful:

1. How many calories would you consume if you ate the entire bag?
90 calories x 4 servings = 360 calories

2. What is the total amount of calories that come from fat in the entire bag?
30 calories from fat x 4 servings = 120 calories

3. What is the percentage of calories that come from fat in the entire bag?
120 calories from fat ÷ 360 calories = 33%

4. How many calories per serving come from carbohydrates?
13 g Carbohydrates x 4 calories = 52 calories

5. How many calories per serving come from protein?
3 g Protein x 4 calories = 12 calories

Hope you find is useful.

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Thanks to Blythe Tucker, a dietetics student at the University of Houston, for his help in responding to this question about food labeling.
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There are many mixed views of country-of-origin labeling. The proverbial political pendulum has been swinging back and forth since the Country-of-Origin Labeling Act was passed by Congress and signed into law as a piece of the 2002 Farm Bill by President George W.