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A very sweet reducing, but not fermentable, 2-ketohexose obtained from the berries of the rowan/mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia (family Rosaceae), and from sorbitol by fermentation with Acetobacter suboxydans; epimeric with d-fructose and used in the manufacture of vitamin C.
Synonym(s): sorbin, sorbinose, sorbitose
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The seed medium in g/L consisted of: L-sorbose 20; glucose 2; corn steep liquor 5; urea 1; CaCO3 1.
Where: 1.0776 is the relative molecular mass ratio of 2-KGA and L-sorbose.
Mechanism of hemolysis of canine erythrocytes induced by L-sorbose. Am J Vet Res 1994;55: 291-4.