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Relating to or suffering from kyphosis.
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Relating to or suffering from kyphosis.
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(ki-fo'sis) [Gr., humpback]
1. The normal posterior curvature of the thoracic and sacral spine.
2. An exaggeration or angulation of the posterior curve of the thoracic spine, giving rise to the condition commonly known as humpback, hunchback, or Pott's curvature. It may be due to congenital anomaly, disease (tuberculosis, syphilis), malignancy, or compression fracture. This term also refers to an excessive curvature of the spine with convexity backward, which may result from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, rickets, or other conditions.
Synonym: humpback; spinal curvature See: illustrationkyphotic (-fot'ik), adjective
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Furthermore, to obtain a satisfactory correction, a two-level osteotomy may be required for some patients with severe rigid kyphotic deformities.
(43) Another study found that an anterior approach achieves improved correction of kyphotic deformity and better maintains this correction.
In these cases, the lumbar spine reverses its lordosis to become kyphotic and the thoracic spine continues this kyphosis, resulting in rounded posture of the entire thoracolumbar spine.
In the current study, some subjects with kyphotic curvature were found to have a forward shift and flexed position of the head.
(b) MRI, sagittal [T.sub.2]WI: the kyphotic deformity is evidently more prominent.
(8,9) As mentioned in a National Cancer Institute (NCI) article for management of SCD, vertebral bodies bone marrow hyperplasia can lead to compression fractures which may lead to flattening and kyphotic deformity of the spine (Figures 2B, 3B, 4A, 4B).
Later developments include reactive sclerosis, osteophytosis and new bone formation, bony ankylosis, and kyphotic and scoliotic deformities.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is simultaneously seeking a CE mark for Loadpro, the company's intra-operative sensor for use in monitoring rod strain during kyphotic correction surgery.
Saligheh M, Rahimi A, Sokhanguyi Y, 2013, To determine the correlation between postural deficiencies and severity depression in 15-18 years old kyphotic girls in high school of Iran, Annals of Biological Research, 4(10):71-74
The angulation of the fibers of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles probably are altered in subjects with kyphotic deformity, contributing to the inward movement of the lower ribs on inspiration.
Kiva is a circular implant for spinal fractures, proven in a randomized, controlled study published in Spine to restore kyphotic angle and reduce the rate of adjacent level fractures vs.