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kyo (kyō),

n “empty,” the passive, needful, open component of qi, according to the theory of zen shiatsu. Kyo is similar to the concept of
yin in Chinese medical theory. See also jitsu, ki, and yin.
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Best Asia Couple Award - Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo ("Descendants of the Sun")
During those activities, Kyo visited the places and performed self-penned songs with his guitar.
Influenced by Japan, where he spent his youth, Kyo believes that it is important to act on ideas, and therefore he deliberately risks his life.
Park kyo Soon, Secretary General and one of the founding members of the association apprised the President that Gandhara Art & Culture Association, a non-political, non-profit and non-government association is working for preservation and conservation of Gandhara sites, revival of the oldest university in the world in Taxila and promoting religious tourism and inter-faith dialogue.
Set on the edge of the County Durham village of West Kyo the development is tranquil and secure.
On Wednesday, Durham County Council's licensing committee will be asked to impose a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) in New Kyo, and neighbouring Annfield Plain and Catchgate.
February 2017: Song Hye Kyo talked about love, relationships and marriage.
Public drinking will also be banned in parts of South Moor, throughout Annfield Plain, New Kyo and Catchgate, and in the Hollyhill Gardens area of South Stanley, County Durham.
Activities are planned at New Kyo, near Stanley, County Durham, with community skips, drop-in sessions and walkabouts.
Known locally as The Widows, East Kyo House is nestled in a beautiful valley in County Durham, with enviable countryside views.