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Al analizar 30 pacientes desnutridos graves con acidosis metabolica hipercloremica y anion gap urinario positivo a los que se les realizo la prueba de sobrecarga con bicarbonato de sodio al 5%, se observo que las formas clinicas que cursaron con edema predominaron siendo el kwashiorkor el mas frecuente 53,3% (n = 16), mixta 20,0% (n = 6) y marasmo 26,7% (n = 8).
Dos de ellos con desnutricion aguda grave: marasmo y Kwashiorkor, y los otros dos grupos eutroficos: uno con anemia y el otro sin anemia; este ultimo considerado como el grupo control
Mothers think that "drying-eye" emaciates children meaning something like what we call marasm, whereas we cannot tell weather "street-eye" means kwashiorkor; but in any case kwashiorkor is deemed to be caused by mal de ojo.
El termino kwashiorkor viene de una palabra usada en Ghana que significa 'enfermedad del lactante desplazado del pecho de la madre cuando nace un hermanito.
Edwin Mertz was persevering with his high-lysine corn and had managed to get Central and South American farmers using it to prevent kwashiorkor in children.
A retrospective study concerning 68 children with kwashiorkor showed 76% of patients to have phosphorus serum levels less than 3 mg/dL and revealed an association between severe hypophosphataemia (<1 mg/dL) and mortality.
Medical consequences include brain damage in foetuses and children (because of iodine and zinc deficiencies), kwashiorkor, general impairment of immunological defence i.
However, overzealous patients should be advised to avoid self-induced kwashiorkor.
and that's not to mention the numerous cases of kwashiorkor babies (mothers unable to afford to feed or ignorant of appropriate nutrition), and those preggie because of sugar daddies,' he added.
Marasmus, Kwashiorkor or Marasmus Kwashiorkor will probably develop in a child who is malnourished for a prolonged period of time leading to an increased mortality.