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(20) Biz ise hastaliga ait hicbir parametre (hastalik suresi, diyalize girme suresi, serum Ca, fosfor, ure, kreatinin ve toplam protein seviyesi) ile kuru goz arasinda iliski bulmadik.
Coventry City Council appointed a solicitor to investigate the behaviour of Coun Jaswant Singh Birdi after a Telegraph report in January which revealed police had been called to the Quick Shop store, in Harnall Lane East, Hillfields, following a heated exchange between the councillor and shop owner Raj Kuru.
Anderson's book is not an obituary and he need not be faulted for not having written it with the fondness characteristic of the genre, but conducting instead a scholarly appraisal of the scientific investigation of kuru and of the man most famously associated with it.
According to Kuru, 'The people complaining are those people that do not want to meet their obligations.'
His recent comments regarding swimming pools and alcohol-free restaurants were also aimed toward capturing undecided right-wing voters, added Kuru.
Also, he said they consulted their sponsors and donors, as well as former vice president, Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe, the patron of Kuru Development Trust.
Testin tamamlanmasindan sonra sut yag, protein, laktoz, toplam kuru madde, yagsiz kuru madde oranlari ile donma noktasinin tespiti icin sut ornekleri alinmasi islemine gecilmistir.
Ahmed Kuru's appointment as managing director and CEO of the 'bad bank', the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), in mid August 2015 was a surprise to some pundits.
Ending cannibalism stopped a deadly brain-wasting disease called kuru. But evolution had already devised a cure for the prion disease, a new study shows.
(6) ise deneysel kuru goz yaptiklari fare modelinde topikal infliksimab tedavisinin gozyasi uretimini ve konjonktivadaki goblet hucre sayisini arttirdigini, okuler yuzeydeki inflamatuvar hucreleri ve sitokinleri azalttigini gostermistir.