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The dried cotyledons of Cola nitida or other species of Cola (family Sterculiaceae) that contain caffeine, theobromine, and a soluble principle, colatin; used as a cardiac and central nervous system stimulant.
Synonym(s): cola (1)
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, kola (kō′lă) [W. African kola]
A genus of tropical trees that produce the kola nut. A kola nut extract is used in pharmaceutical preparations and as a main ingredient in some carbonated beverages.
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Several possible benefits of the kola nut and its products include the following:
"The process to optimise the Kola capital cost has commenced, and we are pleased to receive a further USD415 million capex reduction from the French consortium.
Dan Young and Kieran Dougan who have launched Kola 40, right
According to Rohith Bhat, CEO of Robosoft, a mobile app and game developer company in which Kalaari has invested, Kola's approach stands out because she is extremely data-oriented and candid to a fault.
It quoted causeway Customs director Daifallah Al Otaibi, who said more than 600kg of kola nuts were recovered.
When compared to the situation of other indigenous minority languages in northern Russia, that of the Kola Saami languages is particular.
The Kola Shel Ima media ritual therefore illuminates the significant and ongoing presence of military discourse in the daily lives and consciousness of Israeli (mainly Jewish) citizens.
Melissa Mercado, a Bronx, NY Native and INCA KOLA Corporate Executives will be joining the celebration together at the INCA KOLA FLYAWAY SWEEPSTAKES CALIBASH 2015 Concert which will provide great entertainment to Latin Urban music fans and the opportunity to sample INCA KOLA at the CALIBASH Festival, a pre-concert event free to the public from 2-7 PM outside the Staples Center.
The botanical name of gotu kola is centella asiatica.
kola leaves were collected from the land surrounding the College of Health Sciences, LAUTECH, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria, and were authenticated by Dr.
"At any church gathering, after the opening prayer, the kola nut is blessed by the priest and if there is no priest, one of the men will pray over it; then it is broken," McGarvey explained.
kola seeds powder as fertility enhancer in fish and the need to establish the efficacy of G.