kojic acid

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ko·jic ac·id

(kō'jik as'id),
An antibiotic product of d-glucose catabolism in some molds; can be converted into flavor enhancers; 5-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)-4H-pyran-4-one.
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Previous research reported that kojic acid and n-acetyl-pentapeptides have similar effects [27], but Vitis vinifera leaf extracts exhibit competitive inhibition [19].
Studies on tyrosinase inhibitors, such as hydroquinone, azelaic acid, kojic acid, and arbutin, can effectively expand the scope of research on hypermelanosis [11].
Key words: Iron (III) kojic acid complex Hydroquinone L-Cysteine Reduction.
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In this study, tyrosinase inhibitory activity of ramalin was investigated and compared with the tyrosinase inhibitor, kojic acid. The experimental results showed that ramalin had more potent inhibition of tyrosinase than that of kojic acid.
He estimated that the chemicals are 100 times more effective in reducing melanin pigmentation than the common skin whitening agents kojic acid and arbutin, which have been used in cosmetics for more than 30 years.
According to the company, clinical studies have shown Nivitol to be up to 20 times more effective than the leading whitening agents such as hydroquinone and kojic acid. It has been thoroughly safety tested by independent third party institutes and has shown no adverse side effects.
Natural brightening extracts and a gentle form of Kojic acid, blended with pearl powder rich in mineral salts and antioxidants, bring light and life to all skin types, especially for a special occasion.
and Duane Reade Inc., Mela-D Serum combines three unique ingredients--lipo hydroxy acid, kojic acid and glycolic acid--to achieve what the company says are "professional-grade results at home in as little as eight weeks."
Common ones are bearberry, mulberry, cranberry (this contains arbutin I natureOs skin lightener), liquorice and kojic acid derived from malted rice.
Patients also applied a topical regimen twice daily that included a vitamin A derivative, the bleaching agents hydroquinone and kojic acid, vitamins C and E, emollients, moisturizers, and titanium oxide sunscreen.
The Even Tone Cleansing Bar is a complexion perfecting cleansing treatment that improves the appearance of uneven skin tones and dark marks with a formulation that includes kojic acid, azelaic acid, niacinamide and Urban Skin Rx's Clear Tone Advanced Technology.