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This book is full of tempting foods that will have you reaching for your wooden spoon, cast-iron skillet, and claw hammer (for knocking together another pantry) all at once.
After knocking together a makeshift bed in his suburban house, Giles encourages a shaking, terrified Maya to get used to her new home.
The origin of the word "Garangao" comes from the Gulf word "Gara", which is the sound of things knocking together. On the occasion, the 'Find Your Treasure Competition,' which normally takes place on Fridays, will take place today after the Tarawih prayer.
Our heads are busy knocking together to organise an outstanding conference.
The Mad Bad Ad Show Channel 4, 10pm If you've ever seen an episode of The Apprentice where the candidates have been challenged to make a TV advert, you'll know that knocking together a convincing commercial isn't as easy as it looks.