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Device within a linear accelerator that serves as a microwave amplifier.
See also: magnetron
[G. klyzō, to dash against, + -tron, fr. electron]
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Dual frequency remote units also had an auxiliary back section with separate klystron oscillator and triode power amplifier and related cabling.
3m from a major system integrator to supply klystron power amplifiers (KPAs).
Perhaps the most important to the future efforts was an amazing collection of reflex klystrons providing tunable radiation from about 2 GHz to well over 100 GHz.
Besides magnetrons, some of the articles also report results using Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs), klystrons and gyrotrons, which yielded interesting results but aren't practical to implement from an economic point of view [3].
There was a module on radar theory and that was very useful to me--it gave me the credibility to understand what a klystron is or a travelling wave tube.
Bershtein and his department were transferred to the Radiophysical Research Institute (RRI), where he studied klystron oscillators and matched their frequencies to the frequencies of a quartz oscillator and an ammonia maser, then investigated the oscillator fluctuations in AFC system operation.
The waves are launched into the plenum cylinder by an RF generator, either a 10 GHz klystron or a 2.
Treister depicts each object with a noticeable (and noticeably ironic) degree of commercial zeal--she's serving up the Sperry 417A klystron, with its "octal base and coaxial take-off ports," for sale.
Elsewhere the prose is drier, and you'll find plenty of jargon to sort through: "Initially, one standard DSN S-band transmitter consisting of a single Varian klystron tube with 10-kW RF output was installed in the transmitter module.
Developed under a joint FAA and DoD initiative for air-traffic control and air defense purposes, the ARSR-4 has a range of 250 nautical miles, a 60-ft diameter antenna, and a 65-kW klystron amplifier and operates over 1,215 MHz to 1,400 MHz.
0 GHz from a klystron delivering megawatts of power over 12 microseconds with a repetition rate of 10 Hz.
Compared with a klystron with half its power output, it provides more than 60% efficiency vs.