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Device within a linear accelerator that serves as a microwave amplifier.
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[G. klyzō, to dash against, + -tron, fr. electron]
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As is well known, plasma filling has a variety of advantages in increasing the space charge limited current, overall energy conversion efficiency, and radiation bandwidth dramatically [1-3] and it has been widely used in many plasma microwave radiation sources, such as traveling-wave tubes (TWT) [4], backward-wave oscillators (BWO) [5], klystrons [6], and gyrotrons [7].
(Dual frequency remote units also had an auxiliary back section with separate klystron oscillator and triode power amplifier and related cabling.) Other remote party equipment included a mounting tripod, a petrol generator for battery charging, a spare 12 volt battery, a high frequency radio transceiver, clinometer, prismatic compass, plumb-bobs, box measuring-tape, field books, survey station summaries, measuring scheme diagram, protractor, and ruler, as well as a mechanism barometer and a psychrometer.
Cryogenic cooled masers, travelling wave tubes and klystron amplifiers have given way to solid state amplifiers operating at ambient temperature, with low voltage dc supply requirement, as opposed to the three-phase needs of the TWTs and klystrons.
In 2010, we were only operating five carriers on Gen 2 and 3 Klystron Power Amplifiers (KPA)," said Deepakjit Singh, Managing Director, Encompass Digital Media Asia.
PAVE PAWS deployed a far more efficient solid-state phased array technology, thereby eliminating mechanical radar components and the failure of those moving parts, and also the costly klystron transmitters at the BMEWS sites.
The klystron of the spectrometer produced total microwave power of 70 mW.
The total microwave power produced by klystron was 70 mW, and the application of 15 dB attenuation makes it possible to decrease the microwave power to 2.2 mW.
Two brothers, Russell Varian (1898-1959) and Sigurd Varian (1901-1961), cooperated in designing and building the first microwave tube, called the klystron (after the Greek klyzo, or the bunching and breaking of ocean waves).
Whether it's a thyratron (http://www.radparts.com/articles/Thyratron-Tube-articles.htm), magnetron, klystron, laser, mirror, transformer, bearings or any other replacement part to keep your equipment running smoothly, RadParts has what you need at a lower price.
RF coils for high field MRI operate, at 200 to 400 MHz, in the high VHF and low UHF range, thus straddling the technological boundary between antennas and klystron tubes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 14, 2012-Comtech announces USD1.3m contract for high-power klystron amplifiers(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com