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The biological model indicates that individuals with kleptomania have a significant deficit of white matter in inferior frontal regions and poor integrity of the tracts connecting the limbic system to the thalamus and to the prefrontal cortex.
He urged people who suffer from kleptomania to seek medical and psychological help to rid themselves of this habit and protect themselves from legal action.
It is debatable whether picking up property which is not meant to be taken from a hotel room can legally be defended on grounds of kleptomania or on pleading genuine mistake that it was "meant to be taken".
This paper is, therefore, aimed at dealing with fetishism and kleptomania as observed in a forensic psychiatric case repeatedly stealing the fetish.
A consensus about the origins and development of kleptomania has remained elusive to the field of psychology.
A group of 30 kleptomania patients included 18 women and had a mean age of 42 years.
In the pantheon of stupidity, Berger's boneheaded kleptomania is hard to beat.
Now we learn 120 years on that Ludwig II was suffering from a rare disorder, compulsive palace building -- or CPB, an addictive disorder similar to gambling, kleptomania, compulsive shopping or cleaning.
Rodriguez said interviewing potential judges is "an art, not a science" and noted the JNC application itself asked very personal questions, such as marital status, how many children the applicants have, about previous marriages, if the candidate has ever been punished at work, and questions dealing with pedophilia, voyeurism, kleptomania, and other psychiatric disorders.
He points out that there was even less consternation in the party when former House speaker Newt Gingrich compared homosexuality to alcoholism and former Senate majority leader Trent Lott compared it to kleptomania.
As Szasz is fond of noting, Congress did something similar when it arbitrarily excluded pyromania and kleptomania from the conditions covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
In newspapers, plagiarism has almost always been a form of kleptomania, an inexplicable theft by professionals at the top of their careers.