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, catling (kat'lin, -ling),
A long, sharp-pointed, double-edged knife used in amputations.
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Tom Kitten took another big jump off the bar, and landed on a ledge high up inside the chimney, knocking down some soot into the fender.
Tom Kitten coughed and choked with the smoke; he could hear the sticks beginning to crackle and burn in the fireplace down below.
There was less smoke, but Tom Kitten felt quite lost.
"This seems funny," said Tom Kitten. "Who has been gnawing bones up here in the chimney?
Never mind, Kitty, we'll go and see the bonfire to-morrow.' Here Alice wound two or three turns of the worsted round the kitten's neck, just to see how it would look: this led to a scramble, in which the ball rolled down upon the floor, and yards and yards of it got unwound again.
What that you say?' (pretending that the kitten was speaking.) 'Her paw went into your eye?
You know I'm saving up all your punishments for Wednesday week--Suppose they had saved up all MY punishments!' she went on, talking more to herself than the kitten. 'What WOULD they do at the end of a year?
But this is taking us away from Alice's speech to the kitten.
He yawned and stood up, with the kitten on his shoulder, and stared about him, recalling the circumstances of the previous day, the grey, immense happenings.
"Brekker first," he said, "anyhow," stroking the kitten on his shoulder.
He gave the kitten some milk in a dirty plate and sat watching its busy little tongue for a time.
He gave the kitten a small second helping and a scrap of beef and then went down with the little creature running after him, tail erect and in high spirits, to look at the remains of the Hohenzollern.