kissing disease

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kissing disease

n. Informal
Infectious mononucleosis.
A trivial synonym for infectious mononucleosis, which refers to a typical mode of transmission of EBV—i.e., by kissing and salivary exchange

kissing disease


Patient discussion about kissing disease

Q. What is the connection between fibromyalgia and glandular fever? How can you protect yourself from this viral infection?

A. There is a notion that some of the autoimmune conditions are caused by a trigger in the shape of a virus. Like the papiloma virus and cervical cancer. So there might be a connection between fibromyalgia and a virus.

Q. can mono kill you if it gets to the liver? otherwise known as the kissing desiaes.

A. It can be fatal, not necessarily through infecting the liver but through rupture of enlarged spleen or obstruction of the throat, or through the development of cancer (e.g. lymphoma) later in life.

However, these complications are very rare, and most people recover from the disease without major complications.

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Harry's infection comes from a virus transferred by saliva or mucus - giving it the nickname the kissing disease.
Doctors confirmed he had caught the sleep-inducing illness - known as the kissing disease because that's how it's usually passed on - after a blood test about two weeks ago.
A IT is called the kissing disease, but only because it occurs mainly in teenagers and they kiss a lot.
PRINCE Harry has glandular fever - called the kissing disease because that is how it is usually passed on.
The first disease to watch out for is glandular fever - nicknamed the kissing disease.
Kissing is a common method of passing on the virus, which is why the illness used to be known as the Kissing Disease.
l Glandular fever - the original kissing disease, spread by saliva containing the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes swollen glands, a sore throat and extreme tiredness.