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noun Osculation
verb To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness
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Tell him he shall have, as before, ten kisses; the rest he can take from my ladies-in-waiting.'
'A hundred kisses from the Princess,' said he, 'or each keeps his own.'
As soon as he came into the yard he walked very softly, and the ladies-in-waiting were so busy counting the kisses and seeing fair play that they never noticed the Emperor.
"He will have a hundred kisses from the Princess!" said the lady who had been to ask.
Tell him he shall, as on yesterday, have ten kisses from me, and may take the rest from the ladies of the court."
"A hundred kisses from the Princess," said he, "or else let everyone keep his own!"
As soon as he had got into the court-yard, he moved very softly, and the ladies were so much engrossed with counting the kisses, that all might go on fairly, that they did not perceive the Emperor.
Join Cane as he recounts his meteoric rise in the college lecture and entertainment circuit through all the good, the bad, and the awkward kisses that took North American colleges by storm.
Duterte kisses 5 women in Tokyo, nearly a year after controversial smooch on lips !-- -- TOKYO, Japan Almost a year after his much-criticized kissing of a married Filipina on the lips in South Korea, President Rodrigo Duterte kissed five women here in the presence of his longtime partner Honeylet Avanceaa, whom he described as his "First Lady." There was no kissing on the lips this time for Duterte, who instead gave cheek-to-cheek kisses to four women who went on stage during his meeting with the Filipino community here.
As such, she has received countless of sweet kisses from her relatives both in public and in private.
Senator Aquino did not solicit the kisses. In fact, he even commented, "Lagot ako kay Cory," indicating his embarrassment.
'When I heard that he always kisses women, and when I heard that he did it again in South Korea, I thought of asking the (Presidential Management Staff) to 'please, please serve me an invitation every time that there are such events,' Carpio said in an interview on the sidelines of the groundbreaking of the provincial capitol building here.