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noun Osculation
verb To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness
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70% of people say dogs are the most kissable pet, followed by 21% who prefer to kiss their cats, 7% who think birds are most affectionate and just 2% who prefer their reptile.
Had I intended to pull over and kiss the woman, I wouldn't have done so in the middle of the street aACA* I would have parked elsewhere.
I seriously don't understand why people are so shocked by the Katy and Miley kiss.
Why then be surprised to learn the newest member of the KISS world has 4 wheels?
A good kiss can speak a lot about your chemistry with your partner as a good kiss could also mean you will have healthy offspring.
Actress and singer-songwriter Nikki Reed was present to get the sparks flying in New York, with Grammy Award nominated singer and songwriter Keri Flilson putting her kiss to the test at the Los Angeles stop.
The poet Ovid in his poem "Amores," referred to the "savium," which the Romans called the "soul kiss" and which we now refer to as the French kiss, Bryant said.
According to the state's law, it is illegal for men who have a moustache to "habitually kiss human beings".
Body language expert Rita Gangwani says, " When two people kiss with a slurp sound it shows unease and emotional distance.
The gesture of blowing a kiss to a lover is believed to have originated from a custom of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
ACTORS John C Rice and May Irwin became the first couple to kiss on screen in 1896, in a film called.