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The complement of carbohydrate, lipid, and protein kinases in a genome.
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These results are due to the fact that both tofacitinib and SOCS1/3 act on JAK with a high degree of kinome selectivity and display the same final biochemical effects of JAK inactivation.
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This kit can be used to improve the performance of any of Agilent's SureSelectXT2 custom and pre-defined panels including the exome, kinome and inherited disease panels.
These antidiabetic effects were not due to "off-target" effects of these compounds because (i) these compounds are structurally different (Figure 1), (ii) RO5126766 is specific to Raf/MEK and 10 [micro]mol x [L.sup.-1] RO5126766 did not inhibit any of the 256 other kinases in the Ambit KINOME scan panel [24, 26], (iii) RO4987655 is specific to MEK1/2 and 10 [micro]mol x [L.sup.-1] RO4987655 did not inhibit any of the 400 other kinases [28], and (iv) there were no toxic signs in db/db mice treated with these compounds for 17 days (Supplemental Tables S2 and S3).