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Herbal medicine
An evergreen shrub, the leaves of which contain allantoin, arbutin, flavonoids, phenolic acid and tannins; it is diuretic and tonic, and has been used by herbalists to treat urinary infections and low back pain.

Bearberry should not be used in pregnancy, as it stimulates uterine contractions and may cause nausea, tinnitus and convulsions.
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A shrub (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) whose dried leaves are used in various formulations; studies suggest value in diabetes and weight loss; purported value as a diuretic; use has been known to discolor urine.
Synonym(s): crowberry, foxberry, uva-ursi.
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If you had strolled through the Edmonton farmer's market some fifteen years ago, chances are you would find Kinnikinnick Foods selling their unique products from a stall.
In addition to Artemisia and several genera of grasses (Festuca, Calamagrostis, Elymus, Stipa), other plants on the slopes included creeping juniper, kinnikinnick, wild rose, Potentilla and other less abundant herbaceous plants.
Grasses, grass seeds, ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) seeds, kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) fruit and invertebrates are common foods of Merriam's turkeys (Scott and Boeker, 1973; Petersen and Richardson, 1975; Schemnitz et al., 1985), but these studies contained no measurements of food availability.
TOP VENDORS (MILLIONS) YEAR AGO SHARE Private label $6.0 40.4% 29.0% Boulder Brands 4.5 21.6 22.1 Kinnikinnick Foods 1.4 12.2 7.0 Stefano Foods 1.0 70.4 5.0 Score Tuesday Corp.
'Prince of Wales'), kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Wood's Compact'), Myoporum parvifolium, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis 'Huntington Carpet'), and Rubus pentalobus 'Emerald Carpet'.
RICE YEAR YEAR PER AGO AGO UNIT Freachetta $7.2 45.4% 27.7% 1.8 41.6% $3.94 Private 4.6 1,301.6 18.4 1.5 694.9 3.02 label Udi'a 3.7 83.5 14.3 -72; 84.1 5.18 Kinnikinnick 1.2 -1.1 4.9 .16 -2.6 8.30 Foods Delimex .74 N/A 2.8 -1.5 N/A 4.98 Tiaeo .73 3.2 2.7 .42 4.0 1.71 House of .70 -4.1 2.7 .26 5.4 2.68 Pasta Calise & .62 0.7 2.3 .42 0.9 1.49 Son's Bakery Stefano's .60 19.1 2.3 .34 17.6 1.78 Porteai .60 24.8 2.3 .12 11.2 4.94 Category 26.0 60.9 7.9 44.9 3.27 total Source: SymphonyIRI Group Liquid Laundry Detergent
It was easy to imagine how a drift of variegated Japanese spurge could illuminate a dark space beneath a pine, and how one of the new selections of kinnikinnick could carpet a swath of sandy ground where no healthy grass would grow.
Kinnikinnick Foods, based in Edmonton, Alberta, has introduced a gluten-free and ready-to-fill frozen pie crust.