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treatment of disease by movements or exercise.
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We consider that the present paper, through the results obtained and presented, succeeded in achieving its objectives by following the steps mentioned in its content and we hope that the material offered will represent a real gain for the field of kinetotherapy.
Ciocioi AF, Macovei S, 2015, Study about the evolution of joint mobility in pupils at the primary school level The International congress of Physical education, Sports and Kinetotherapy 5th Edition, Bucuresti 10-13 June, 2015.
The assiduity in systematically practicing the kinetotherapy program with special exercises contributes to the efficient recovery of hypertension.
The demographic data, clinical, imagistic (cerebral--CT, cerebral--MRI, EKG), paraclinic data as well as risk factors (hypertension, cerebral amyloid angiopathy, age, aneurysms and vascular malformations, anticoagulant and thrombolytic treatment, hypocholesterolemia, diabetes, heavy alcohol and tobacco use, heritability), treatment, kinetotherapy were all considered.
Kinetotherapy should be started by a kinetotherapist in the 14th day after onset and must be continued minimum six month.
The demographic data, clinical, imagistic (cerebral-CT, cerebral-MRI, extracranial ultrasound, minimum two ECGs, Echocardiography), paraclinicdata, as well as risk factors (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, valvulopathies, carotid stenosis, diffuse carotid atheromatosis, dyslipidemia, obesity, chronic renal insufficiency, polyglobulie, cancer), treatment, kinetotherapy were all considered.
After 14 days of kinetotherapy and appropriate treatment 112 cases, 60,21 % had a favorable recovery, 50 cases, 26,88 % remained stationary and 24 cases, 12,90 % died.
It can be practiced as a performance sport, but its various available means make it very popular and we can identify it in the lesson of physical education, in the sports training specific to branches requiring the development of motor skill, strength, alone and/or in relation with others, in kinetotherapy too.
Now, the kinetotherapy is a well known and highly appreciated area by people needing to consolidate or to restore functions of some parts of the human body affected by disease or traumatisms.
The research was carried out in Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Kinetotherapy Program.
Of the all 30 patients only 15 folowed an individual kinetotherapy program, started on the first days after stroke, of those 13 patients were discharged recovered and 2 clinical stationary.
The use of kinetotherapy in acute hemorrhagic stroke proves to be useful.