kinetochore fibers

ki·ne·to·chore fi·bers

fibers of the mitotic spindle attached to the centromere and extending toward the poles. Compare: astral fibers, polar fibers.
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When metaphase-arrested oocytes of Chaetopterus were exposed to colchicine, the spindle birefringence gradually disappeared as the fibrils depolymerized (the kinetochore fibers were the longest to persist), but the depolymerizing filaments actually led the chromosomes and inner spindle pole to the cell surface, where the outer meiotic spindle pole was attached.
4B, C), including the monitoring of microtubule numbers in kinetochore fibers in maloriented bivalents (LaFountain and Oldenbourg.
Kinetochore-driven outgrowth of microtubules is a central contributor to kinetochore fiber maturation in crane-fly spermatocytes.
[gamma]-Tubulin is more concentrated in the poles where it forms a distinct cap and extends along the distal kinetochore fibers especially those at the perimeter of the spindle (Fig.
Distinct kinetochore fibers terminate on either side of the polar cleavage furrows (Fig.
This difference in birefringence implies that the density of microtubules within the kinetochore fibers is higher than that within the rest of the spindle, as also reported by Cassimeris et al (4) using conventional high resolution polarization microscopy, and corroborated by Reider and Bajer (5) using electron microscopy.
The simplest estimate, using Euler's equation for the buckling force on a beam (8), the bending stiffness of a single microtubule decorated with associated proteins [~5 x [10.sup.-23] [Nm.sup.2]] (9), the average number of microtubules of a newt lung kinetochore [~20] (5), and the average measured length of the kinetochore fiber [~10 [mu]], predicts that the buckling force on a 10-[mu]-long and growing kinetochore fiber would be 100 pN!