kinetic energy

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ki·net·ic en·er·gy (K),

the energy of motion.

kinetic energy (KE)

Etymology: Gk, kinesis, motion, energeia
the energy possessed by an object by virtue of its motion. It is expressed by the formula KE = (½)mv2, where m represents the mass of the object and v is its velocity.

ki·net·ic en·er·gy

(ki-net'ik en'ĕr-jē)
The energy of motion.

kinetic energy,

n a property of a particle that describes the energy of motion and directly correlates with the particle's rate of motion. For example, transfer of gaseous particles is an important factor in the field of aromatherapy.


pertaining to or producing motion.

kinetic energy
the energy of motion.
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The ratio between recoil kinetic energy value of mobile equipment and impact-kinetic energy results in an impact hardness value which does not include errors given by the friction forces mobile equipment of guides as the influence of friction forces may be found both in the fraction nominator and numerator and the result of simplifying the numerical values of these errors is one without modifying the measurement result.
Remaining kinetic energy when a car stops moving after four collisions and takes an overturned position on the left is:
As one said, the total kinetic energy of the fragments is close to the available energy for light and heavy complementary fragments with masses around A = 104 and A = 132, respectively.
3) Without movement and mass, there is no kinetic energy ([E.
Sufficient kinetic energy is dependent on many factors, including broadhead type.
A flywheel-based UPS system is one where the battery plant is sometimes replaced with a flywheel kinetic energy device providing the energy storage to supply uninterrupted power ride-thru capability in the event of a normal power loss, and for the starting duration of an on-site back-up generator system.
Instead, the force generated by the kinetic energy of the barge was directly and rapidly applied to the lines.
Lockheed Martin has assembled the company's most experienced missile defense talent to provide the MDA with a flexible, creative approach to the Kinetic Energy Interceptor program.
The kinetic energy of the load intensifies the clamping force as it draws the wedges down to a stop.
is being awarded a cost-plus-award-fee contract modification to deliver a spacecraft and perform mission integration necessary to collect Near Field Infra-Red Experiment data for the Kinetic Energy Interceptors Program.
But physicists such as Burns can reveal that the temperature in a particular region is controlled by how that region gains of loses kinetic energy.
Endlessly inventive in visual design and kinetic energy, Morris guided our eyes from a flicking gesture of a hand to sculptural configurations of dancers, making the space around the dancers as palpable as the shapes their bodies formed.

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