kinetic energy

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ki·net·ic en·er·gy (K),

the energy of motion.
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ki·net·ic en·er·gy

(ki-net'ik en'ĕr-jē)
The energy of motion.
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Figures 19, 20 and 6(d) present the comparisons between 0D and 3D-CFD in terms of the evolution of normalized mean and turbulent kinetic energies and the value of turbulent kinetic energy at TDCF for the three simulated engine speeds respectively.
To help the world understand the 'Light Formula', Mark is using to catalog the result of these subtle kinetic energies on the Human.
For UCN with low kinetic energies ([p.sup.2]/(2[m.sub.n]) [less than or equal to] 4[V.sub.max]), we assume that the UCN velocity direction is uniformly distributed on the unit sphere and that the conditional probability density function of p is proportional to [p.sup.2].