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the sense by which position, weight, and movement are perceived. adj., adj kinesthet´ic.
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1. The sense perception of movement; the muscular sense.
2. An illusion of moving in space.
Synonym(s): kinesthesis
[G. kinēsis, motion, + aisthēsis, sensation]
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, kinesthesis (kin'es-thē'zē-ă, -sis)
1. Sense perception of movement; muscular sense.
2. Illusion of moving in space.
Synonym(s): kinaesthesia, kinaesthesis.
[G. kinēsis, motion, + aisthēsis, sensation]
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Sensory knowledge is broken down to verbs for sight, hearing, speech, taste, smell, touch and feel, and kinesthesis (standing, walking, digging, separating).
The interviews with the stimulus group participants revealed that none of them imagined or experienced the kinesthesis associated with performing the task, but instead 'pictured themselves' performing the task.
The psychophysics of kinesthesis for positioning responses: The physical stimulus-psychological response relationship.
Such is the veracity of the world built up in Ulee's Gold, a film that is properly being released amid summer blockbusters, since it can outdo them in kinesthesis. You get to the point of registering its events physically -- as you don't in Con Air, Speed 2 or Batman & Robin -- because Ulee's Gold is a film you can inhabit.
* American Sign Language (ASL) * Signed English * Finger spelling * Note writing * Speech and lipreading, Tadoma for deaf-blind * Cued speech * Gestures, home signs, mime * Taction (touch) and kinesthesis (body movement) * Interpreters (sign language or oral) * Computer assisted notetaking (CAN) * Real time captioning * Communication access systems: devices used to enhance listening in rooms, lecture halls, and other large group facilities - e.g., audio loop systems, AM systems, FM systems, infrared systems, personal listening devices, etc.