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EMG, temporal and kinematical data are presented as mean and respective standard deviation.
The input kinematical chain KLM is a hydrocylindrical chain consisting of 8 links and 9 links.
The corresponding electric field E = B x v of the kinematical origin has the following components:
In the first time, only the kinematical and static variations are considered in this simulation.
The effect of egg yolk on the mean percentages of kinematical parameters in buck's semen after freezing-thawing (n = 6) Egg yolk (%) 0 2.
Results of recent research show that in various kinematical deformations, the following potential can be used (5).
It is based on kinematical considerations that write the displacement of fiber nodes as function of the displacement of continuum elements.
The variables of special relativity, they argue, are kinematical, not physical, though powerful forces in the popular and scientific communities have vested interests in obscuring the fact.
Such tendency to deform is generally determined by kinematical displacements caused by asymmetrical loads rather than by elastic deformations of the suspension cable (Kulbach 2007; Juozapaitis & Norkus 2004).
The rigid memories materialized by planar or spatial cams are the main kinematical elements of various mechanisms applied in industrial equipments (food processing industry, textile industry, manufacturing processes, etc.
In general, two major machine factors are defined by a machine tool structure that is assembled from several major structural and kinematical components.
Some of kinematical models were adapted on this moving frame, due to tranformation matrix among derivative vectors and frame vectors.