kinematic viscosity

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kin·e·mat·ic vis·cos·i·ty (ν, Υ),

a measure used in studies of fluid flow: dynamic viscosity, μ, in poises, divided by the density of the fluid; unit of measure: stoke.
See also: dynamic viscosity.

kin·e·mat·ic vis·cos·i·ty

(kin'ĕ-mat'ik vis-kos'i-tē)
A measure used in studies of fluid flow; the dynamic viscosity, mc, in poises divided by the density of the material; units: stokes.
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As the ship engine is operated with ULSFO, one of the ways aiming at keeping the kinematic viscosity higher than the minimum is to equip the fuel cooler to keep the fuel temperature below 40[degrees]C.
Although the Ford Cup-type viscometer is a traditional instrument that is easy to handle and for control of the kinematic viscosity of fluids, it can be considered one of the limitations of this study.
ASTM D445, 2006, "Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity)," ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2006.
With the higher kinematic viscosity, the ignition delay is longer in the temperature range between 1055k and 1149K, as shown in Fig.
The portable Q5800 provides the user with data on fluid chemistry (TAN/TBN water, soot, oxidation etc), kinematic viscosity, wear particle counts and wear particle chemistry (wear metal analysis).
The kinematic viscosity of all samples, at temperatures of 40 and 100[degrees]C, was measured according to standard LST EN ISO 3104+AC: 2000.
The density was examinedby an Anton Paar density meter, the kinematic viscosity was analyzed by an Ubbelohde glass viscometer while the iodine value was determined according to the recommended AOCS method of cd1c-85 [19].
dimpled) spheres," and went on to talk about non-dimensional parameters and the kinematic viscosity of fluids.
The biodiesel parameters considered for determining the influence of the ultrasonic irradiation process were: speed of sound through the medium, density, isentropic bulk modulus and kinematic viscosity.
For determination of kinematic viscosity in the laboratory, kinematic viscometer is used:
SpectroVisc Q3000 viscometers use a patent-pending split cell design that enables measurement of kinematic viscosity using only a few drops (60 [micro]L) of oil.