kinaesthetic sense

kinaesthetic sense,

n perception through neuromuscular feedback of a body movement.

kin·es·thet·ic sense

(kin'es-thet'ik sens)
Sensation of muscle contraction.
Synonym(s): kinaesthetic sense.
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cervical kinaesthetic sense and head-eye movement control), which may lead to the selection of more efficacious impairment-targeted interventions (e.
Throughout the interview, Emma stressed the importance of kinaesthetic sense.
Focusing your mind on each and every movement performed, enables moves to be executed correctly and develops your body's sensory feedback or kinaesthetic sense.
The present experiment deals with a territory within proprioceptive sensibility, kinaesthetic sense at the ankle, which accounts for static and dynamic foot position awareness, essential to understanding the effect of foot-ground interactions and footwear on stability.
Early investigators attributed kinaesthetic sense to joint capsular receptors, but contemporary research shows that these receptors only respond at extremes of the joint range and therefore cannot give precise position awareness [12].