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(1) The internal sense of the relative position of the body’s musculoskeletal units with each other and the effort needed to move them.
(2) Kinaesthetic sense, see there.
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Perception of bodily movement, or of the sensation of movement. Compare PROPRIOCEPTION.
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, kinesthesis (kin'es-thē'zē-ă, -sis)
1. Sense perception of movement; muscular sense.
2. Illusion of moving in space.
Synonym(s): kinaesthesia, kinaesthesis.
[G. kinēsis, motion, + aisthēsis, sensation]
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The illness resulted in total loss of sense of touch, vibration, pressure and kinaesthesia. G.L.
Kinaesthesia" in British Journal of Physical Medicine 10 (81) and
Martin argues that sensations such as kinaesthesia, pain, and vestibular signals are purely subjective indices of the state of one's body parts, and that proprioception is hence intrinsically different from the senses (hearing, vision, etc.) that inform us about the external world.
It is uncertain whether muscle-spindle mediated kinaesthesia declines with advancing years.
[1983] included exteroceptive sensations (itching, tingling, etc.), temperature sensations, kinaesthesia and movement as non-painful phenomena.
I was tempted by Kinaesthesia in the Cheshire Oaks (2.25).
After the application of the proposed program a significant progress was registered from initial testing to final testing at all three tests that checks: speed, dynamic coordination, hand-eye coordination, spatial orientation kinaesthesia and specific conditions, with handball ball--implementation of the technical skill dribbling.