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The new group selectionists argue that kin selection is also best understood as a special case of group selection.
Wilson, the prominent founder and advocate of sociobiology, has renounced kin selection in explaining societies with a single reproductive individual (Nowak et al., 2010).
I use the Price Equation to link Fisher's fundamental theorem, multiple regression models of natural selection, and kin selection. I also expand these results to arbitrary selective systems and types of inheritance.
Armitage suggests that this view challenges conventional kin selection theory.
It is generally true that kin selection models implicitly assume global compensation and their predictions are altered if local compensation is imposed (Boyd 1982; Kelly 1992a).
Overall the dispersal strategies suggested by the present study have important implications with regard to the role of kin selection in highly polygynous insect societies.
Known as Hamilton's rule of kin selection, the theory simply states that whether or not an organism shares its food with another depends on its genetic closeness (how many genes it shares) with the other organism.
Population genetic theory of kin selection: A two-locus model.
First, mathematical models of kin selection showed that altruism becomes more likely among genetic relatives, each of whom wants to preserve a maximum number of his or her genes for posterity.
London, Aug 26 (ANI): Turning the so-called kin selection theory on its head, researchers have said that altruistic behaviour, such as sterile worker ants caring for the offspring of their queen, could evolve through standard natural-selection processes.
I calculate S and S[approximately equal to] for a number of standard fitness functions, and verify the results of Wilson and Dugatkin (in press) on kin selection and assortative interactions.
According to the 'kin selection hypothesis', while homosexual individuals do not directly pass on their genes to successive generations by having children, they indirectly spread their genes through their families.