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An instrument designed to measure electromotive force in kilovolts.
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Request for quotations : C302 (c302) in the amount of 13 (thirteen) units, kilowatt meter c 301 in the amount of 15 (fifteen) units, milliammeter m381 in the amount of 10 (ten) units, kilovoltmeter c33 (e365) in the amount of 10 (ten) units.
Tenders are invited for 5 ea, tester, oil dielectric, meter accuracy +/- 2% full scale, automatic termination of hv voltage upon sample breakdown, digital memory kilovoltmeter, automaticly retains voltage reading, manual reset, minimum of three preprogrammed rates of voltage rise, test cells for astm d877, astm d1816 and iec 156, one piece construction with safety interlocked hv section, 60kv to test electrodes mounted inside the oil reserviour to test oil dielectric strength, test electrodes included, power supply 120v, 60hz, weight 74 lbs, size 16 inch x 13 inch x 15 inch, shall include 7.
Charging voltage of the capacitor bank [C.sub.1] was measured by the electrostatic kilovoltmeter of a C 196 type.