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 (kV) [kil´o-volt]
one thousand (103) volts.
k's peak (kVp) the highest kilovoltage used in producing a radiograph.

kil·o·volt (kv),

A unit of electrical potential, potential difference, or electromotive force, equal to 103 volts.
[kilo + volt]

kilovolt (kV)

Etymology: Gk, chilioi, thousand; volt, Count Alessandro Volta, Italian scientist, 1745-1827
measure of electrical potential, 1000 volts.


(kV) (kil'ŏ-vōlt)
A unit of electrical potential, potential difference, or electromotive force, equal to 103 volts.


A unit of electrical potential or potential difference equal to 103 volts.

kilovolt (kil´əvōlt),

n the unit of electrical potential equal to 1000 volts.
kilovolt peak (kvp),
n the crest value of the potential wave in kilovolts in an alternating current cycle. When only half of the wave is used, the value refers to that of the useful half of the wave.
kilovolt potential,
n refers to the intensitiy of the radiographic beam and the resulting image on the film. A higher kilovoltage radiograph increases the film density, whereas a lower kilovoltage radiograph increases contrast.


one thousand (103) volts; abbreviated kV.

kilovolt peak
the maximal amount of voltage that an x-ray machine is using; abbreviated kVp.
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