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 (kV) [kil´o-volt]
one thousand (103) volts.
k's peak (kVp) the highest kilovoltage used in producing a radiograph.

kil·o·volt (kv),

A unit of electrical potential, potential difference, or electromotive force, equal to 103 volts.
[kilo + volt]

kilovolt (kV)

Etymology: Gk, chilioi, thousand; volt, Count Alessandro Volta, Italian scientist, 1745-1827
measure of electrical potential, 1000 volts.


(kV) (kil'ŏ-vōlt)
A unit of electrical potential, potential difference, or electromotive force, equal to 103 volts.


A unit of electrical potential or potential difference equal to 103 volts.

kilovolt (kil´əvōlt),

n the unit of electrical potential equal to 1000 volts.
kilovolt peak (kvp),
n the crest value of the potential wave in kilovolts in an alternating current cycle. When only half of the wave is used, the value refers to that of the useful half of the wave.
kilovolt potential,
n refers to the intensitiy of the radiographic beam and the resulting image on the film. A higher kilovoltage radiograph increases the film density, whereas a lower kilovoltage radiograph increases contrast.


one thousand (103) volts; abbreviated kV.

kilovolt peak
the maximal amount of voltage that an x-ray machine is using; abbreviated kVp.
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In Nova Scotia, the company will build 46 km of 200 kilovolt high-voltage direct current transmission line from Point Aconi to the Woodbine Substation and 41 km of 5 kilovolt grounding line from the Woodbine Converter Station to Big Lorraine.
The requirements of stable and continuous power supply to electric users called for replacing an outdated RU-10 kilovolt distribution box with a modern distribution kit.
SOMATOM Definition overcomes this limitation by permitting the use of two sources at two different kilovolt (kV) levels simultaneously.
The proposed project consists of a new switching station and 161 kilovolt transmission line.
Seghiri a, egalement, fait etat du lancement de deux projets de construction, a Sedrata, d'un transformateur d'une capacite de 60/30 kilovolts et de la reinstallation d'une ligne electrique de 90 kilovolts assurant l'alimentation electrique entre la commune d'El Aouinet (Tebessa) et la ville de Souk Ahras.
Chairman of the board of directors of the company Dr Saleh Hussein Al-Awaji, said one of the four new project awards is to set up an electricity transformer station with a voltage of 115/380 kilovolts (kV) in Al-Oqair in the Eastern Province.
Dubai The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) said yesterday the Dh998 million pair of sub-stations with a capacity of 400 kilovolts and 132 kilovolts at Al Aweer and Dubailand are nearing completion.
The new ion-edge medium range static elimination bar is compatible with most power supplies from 4 kilovolts to 8 kilovolts.
5 kilovolts to 4,160 volts of electricity (six substations), fully air-conditioned production, manufacturing or packaging areas, ample parking and trailer spaces, 250,000 partially racked s/f and tremendous flexibility for expansion.
The corona discharge operated at a range of 5-10 kilovolts (kV), similar to that of certain high-voltage appliances such as negative ion generators.
ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) has completed the acquisition of Applied Kilovolts Group Holdings, Limited, a leading provider of precision high voltage power supplies for medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and food safety instruments.