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kil·o·base (kb),

Unit used in designating the length of a nucleic acid sequence; 1 kb equals a sequence of 1000 purine or pyrimidine bases.
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A unit of measurement of the length of a DNA or RNA sequence equal to 1000 base pairs of DNA or 1000 bases of RNA.
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kilobase (kb)

1000 BASES of DNA or RNA, used as a unit of length of single-stranded molecules. The kilobase is often also used as the unit of length for double-stranded molecules, though these should more correctly be measured in kilobase pairs (kbp).
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For example, methods using longrange PCR require intact DNA at least several kilobases long because the amplicons for delineating the HLA genes can range from 2 to 12 kb.
The PLAC1 gene is composed of six exons spanning nearly 200 kilobases (kb), but the entire 639 bp coding sequence is contained within the 898 bp long exon 6.
Bocavirus contains a single-stranded, 4-6 kilobases (kb) long, autonomously replicating DNA genome with terminal palindromic sequences [2-5].
Locus Intragenic Intragenic LD recombination events 1 CP56 NA NA 2 MSC6-7 NA NA 3 C6-60 Y = 1.0000 0 + 0.0000X 4 C6-160 NA NA 5 C6-230 NA NA 6 C6-280 Y = 1.0000 0 + 0.0000X 7 C6-350 Y = 1.0000 0 + 0.0000X 8 C6-580 NA NA 9 C6-740 NA NA 10 C6-830' NA NA 11 C6-1000' Y = 1.0000 0 + 0.0000X 12 gp60 Y = 0.9729 26 + 0.0130X 13 C6-1420 NA NA 14 CP47 Y = 1.0000 0 + 0.0000X 15 C6-2600 NA NA 16 C6-2970 NA NA 17 C6-3110' NA NA 18 C6-3520 NA NA 19 C6-3520' NA NA 20 C6-3690 NA NA 21 DZ-HRGP NA NA 22 C6-4110 Y = 1.0000 0 + 0.0000X 23 C6-5110' NA NA 24 C6-5120 NA NA 25 C6-5410 NA NA * LD, linkage disequilibrium, where Y is the LD value, and X is the nucleotide distance in kilobases; NA, analysis is not applicable for the locus, which has <3 segregating sites.
He cPPAR[gamma] gene (Ensembl ID: ENSGALG00000004974) has 6 exons and extends across ~50 kilobases (kb) of genomic DNA (Figure 1, upper panel).
Pike, "An enhancer 20 kilobases upstream of the human receptor activator of nuclear factor-xB ligand gene mediates dominant activation by 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin [D.sub.3]," Molecular Endocrinology, vol.
Single-cell genomes sequenced to date range from partial genomes of a few hundred kilobases in assembly size (Youssef et al., 2011) to a finished genome (Woyke et al, 2010).
(2006) published the first large-scale molecular phylogeny of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) based on 4.5 kilobases of sequence data from six gene regions for 139 ant genera.
It consists of approximately 26 kilobases of DNA and encodes an mRNA of 4.3 kb and a protein of 745 amino acids.
O padrao de tamanho de fragmentos utilizado foi de 0,1 a 12 kilobases. Apos a eletroforese os geis foram fotografados sob luz ultravioleta.