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Q. i weight around 100 kilos and i am 1.65 mts ... i am over weight and i know that.. but i can not find the will and the streantgh to continue a diet for a long period and change my condition .... any one has any recommendation for me ?????

A. I've learned that most important thing in a diet is that it has to be reasonable. something you can handle- so you won't be frustrated. second, be kind and forgive yourself- if you've ruined your diet one day- keep on with it in the next- don't let it all go because of one slip. easier to say than do- believe me, I know...still, hope it helps...

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Anwar al-Bunni, another signatory to the declaration, had received a five-year sentence on the same charge as Kilo, and is still in jail.
The top sale was at pounds 612 per head from Messrs A W Egerton for a Limousin cross and pounds 575 for a 450 kilo Limousin cross from Mr A W Meredith.
71 per kilo, while the average for 2001 was NOK26 per kilo.
000 kilos para los compradores que recorren la bahia en barcos pesqueras.
In markets and stores, a kilo of rice costs about P42 to P43 a kilo.
Police on Wednesday arrested a 30-year-old Limassol man after seizing 33 kilos of cannabis and 1.
Le poulet a 32 DH le kilo Par ailleurs, les prix du poulet chez le charcutier ont enregistre une augmentation faramineuse allant de 28 a 32 DH le kilo.
99 kilo CO-OP The Co-operative Chilled Stonebaked Margherita/Pepperoni pizza, 325g/360g was pounds 2.
To create the giant circular 20-square-metre (215-square-foot) kebbe they had to mix 120 kilos of mince, 80 litres of olive oil, 80 kilos of cracked wheat, five kilos of salt and a mere kilo of pepper.
He said: "If you are talking about the zones where it is produced, it is approximately EUR900-950 per kilo.
In yesterday's action Indian strongwoman Yumnam Chanu clinched gold in the 58-kilo event, lifting a total of 185 kilos.