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term used to describe heavy mortalities in wild fish or fauna, especially those in the wild, or at extensive range, and usually where the deaths are unexpected and generally not easily explained.

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Q. Is there something I can do to prevent my knee from killing me and before it becomes serious? I like running outdoors. It looks like after every run my left knee starts to hurt. It will be sore for days. I think it has something to do with the concrete I run on. Is there something I can do to prevent my knee from killing me and before it becomes serious?

A. Mickey, i think there is no way to help you over the web and you should go see an orthopedist in order to see if there is something wrong over there. in the mean while stop running and maybe do physical activity that is not require effort from the knee like swimming.

Q. we are the people most likely to kill ‘ourselves’ I have bipolar and have been suffering for nearly five years. I have also been told that we are the people most likely to kill ‘ourselves’ since we are fine one time and act impulsively the next minute and kill ourselves. I was fine, feeling good then I walked by the bathroom saw the razor and went in there and was about to slit my wrists. Stopped, don’t know why. Why is bipolar mixed treated as if it were no big deal?

A. Hi Derik, thanks for sharing this. I was not aware of that figure. If you are feeling this way maybe you can share it with someone offline as well, like you did here online. Then they can help or be there for you.

Q. can mono kill you if it gets to the liver? otherwise known as the kissing desiaes.

A. It can be fatal, not necessarily through infecting the liver but through rupture of enlarged spleen or obstruction of the throat, or through the development of cancer (e.g. lymphoma) later in life.

However, these complications are very rare, and most people recover from the disease without major complications.

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The 35-year-old struck twice inside three second-half minutes to extended the first-half lead Derby full-back Cyrus Christie had given his side with his first goal for his country on his competitive debut and in the process, to kill off any hope of a shock.
Upon infection, they race through the bloodstream to kill off the invading pathogen.
If you kill off the snakes," he says, "you could be killing the next wonder drug.
We are playing well enough but we are not doing enough to kill off the teams.
Surface fires then are lit to kill off saplings, reduce fuel loads, enrich the soil with nutrients, and bring fire back to the forest.
Laois managed to get the opening score through captain David Cuddy, but Clare hit back with four goals and three points in the next 15 minutes to kill off any chance of a surprise result.
Artesunate appears to kill off the bulk of the malaria parasites "with the other drugs mopping up," says study coauthor Paul Garner of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in England.
The meat is heat-treated to kill off things like E-Coli, and campylobacter.
Speaking at this week's NFU council, he said: "Imports which are below UK standards will kill off the farming industry.
Flow UK, tel:+44 (0)145 589 5310, fax:+44 (0)145 589 5305, are suppliers of ultra high pressure systems that kill off dangerous micro-organisms.
When watering stops in the summer, the sun and wind kill off the bit of fibre that lies just below the surface.
Regulate smartly, but know government can't eliminate all risks; kill off unneeded programs; and, intriguingly, "underpromise" on reform and new initiatives in order to rebuild public confidence.