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A socially immature adult who acts like a kid and revels in being young at heart
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Kidults sao jovens adultos, na faixa de 30 anos, que seguem morando com pais e sao adeptos a videogames e outros habitos e comportamentos associados aos adolescentes; composicao entre as palavras kid e adult, no ingles, crianca e adulto.
Furthermore, kidults consume forms of entertainment once reserved for children, including (but not limited to) kids' books, game consoles, iPods and animated movies.
THEY'VE been dubbed kidults, boomerang kids or bomads - short for "banking on mum and dad".
MANDY PATINKIN Kidults (Nonesuch): A charming collection of songs from the shows aimed at a younger audience but, as the title implies, with much for grown-ups to enjoy.
APART from giving three kidults publicly funded pensioners' passes to a global adventure park, what's the point of Top Gear?
Making sugary drinks for kidults who have not yet acquired a taste for alcohol is not a science.
Adultescents - or kidults - include Jerry Hall, Nicky Haslam, Jeremy Irons, Fatboy Slim, Richard Madeley and even Bill Clinton.
Couple this with the trend for kidults - adults still living with their parents - and we begin to get an idea of the consumer chameleon of the housing market.
Advertisers target kidults with everything from Haribo sweets to cars that morph into robots.
THEY call them the Kidults, the Boomerangs or Rejuveniles - the 20 and 30-somethings who are still living at home with their parents.
The very next day its members were christened on breakfast TV in a feature on a new social sub-species, Kidults.