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A gene on chromosome 16p11.2 that encodes a microtubule- and DNA-binding, kinesin-like protein involved in spindle formation and chromosome movement during mitosis and meiosis.
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keratosis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome



A rare genetic disease in which patients are born with calloused skin on the hands and feet, scaly plaques on the arms and face, corneal inflammation, and deafness. The hearing impairment can be treated with cochlear implants.
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As part of the global Oprah Winfrey initiative to find the smartest and most talented kids around the world, mbc4 launched today its online effort for the search of equally smart and gifted kids in the Arab world to submit their home videos.Only recently, Oprah put out a call to parents worldwide to send videos of their talented kids which will be selected and featured on and upcoming episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show.
It sets them off from the rest of the kids around them, despite how much they have in common with the other children who have landed here, taken off Bangkok's streets and delivered into Father Joe's hands.
It was a weekend of skating and creating for kids around the Tees Valley.
"One of the things kids around the world have in common is familiarity with the Internet.
We heard about Maryland's new League with 59 new members, Indiana's new office, Pennsylvania's "Kids Around Town" civic education project, Mississippi's 39th annual citizen's guide calendar, New York's Citizen Action Toolkit, Washington's "The State We're in" book, Colorado's "Taxpayer Bill of Rights," Arkansas's 50th Anniversary, Minnesota's work on immigration and diversity, Massachusett's "Voter Bill of Rights," and much more.
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The cash has been donated to a Wolverhampton school which has organised the Kids Around Britain sail event taking place later this year.
And some heirs still do so today, such as John Walton, who inherited the Wal-Mart fortune and used the money five years ago to endow the Children's Scholarship Fund, which each year sends 34,000 poor kids around the country to top private schools, tuition-free.
The Harlem native is the author of nonfiction books for children, including the award-winning Kids Around the Worm Celebrate: The Best Feast and Festivals From Around the World.
During the time author Denise Roy spent ferrying her four kids around town--to the tune of about 130,000 miles--and waiting for them at various locations, she began to record her spiritual reflections.
Caption: According to Ivy League mythology, Pudge Heffelfinger was so dominating a tackle in 1889-91, that he returned to the Yale Bowl 25 years later to scrimmage against the varsity, and wound up flinging the kids around like ten-pins.