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A NHS worker in Walsall has spoken about his determination to get a career working in medicine - after seeing his sister hospitalised with a severe kidney infection.
Caroline Learmonth, 40, and husband Phil, 32, were looking forward to their wedding but with less than a month to go, the mum of two suffered a kidney infection.
Kidney infection: This occurs if bacteria spread to the kidney from the bladder during delivery.Increased frequency of urination, high fever, feeling sickly, lower back pain, constipation and painful urination are all pointers of kidney infection.
Symptoms of sepsis include fever, rapid heart rate and/or breathing rate, and a confirmed infection, such a respiratory or kidney infection. As sepsis progresses, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, decreased urine output, and a rapid change in mental status, such as sudden disorientation or confusion, may occur.
They can affect different parts of the tract, including your bladder (cystitis), urethra (urethritis) or kidneys (kidney infection).
Earlier tests in Islamabad showed Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Sharif is suffering from a kidney infection, has lymph node in his chest and there are chances of recurrence of cancer.
In November, after a series of medical examinations ordered by the court, it surfaced that Shehbaz was suffering from a kidney infection, a lymph node in his chest with chances of recurrence of cancer.
Atkinson (above) told his Twitter following yesterday: "Thanks for all the well wishes, just had a few days in hospital after a little kidney infection, I'll be back very soon.
Medical examinations, he said, showed that the South Sudanese army chief of general staff suffers from a kidney infection, Ubeer said.
Khawaja Sayeed Ahmed said that some kidney diseases, such as lupus nephropathy or kidney infection (acute or chronic pyelonephritis) typically affect women.
If left untreated, UTI may develop into a kidney infection (pyelonephritis) and sepsis.