kidney failure

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inability to perform or to function properly.
adult failure to thrive a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as a progressive functional deterioration of a physical and cognitive nature. The individual's ability to live with multisystem diseases, cope with ensuing problems, and manage his/her care are remarkably diminished.
bone marrow failure failure of the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow; see also bone marrow suppression.
congestive heart failure see congestive heart failure.
heart failure see heart failure.
kidney failure renal failure.
multiple organ failure failure of two or more organ systems in a critically ill patient; see also multiple organ failure.
renal failure see renal failure.
respiratory failure see respiratory failure.
failure to thrive (failure to thrive syndrome) physical and developmental retardation in infants and small children. The syndrome can be seen in children with a physical illness, but the term is most often taken to mean failure to thrive due to psychosocial effects such as maternal deprivation. The syndrome was first noticed when European psychiatrists studied the development of babies who had spent the first five years of their lives in institutions where they were deprived of the emotional warmth of a mother, father, or other primary caregiver.

Characteristics of the failure to thrive syndrome include lack of physical growth (for example, weight and height below the third percentile for age) and below normal achievement in fine and gross motor, social-adaptive, and language skills as assessed by psychometric testing using a tool such as the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Additionally, the child with this syndrome displays withdrawing behavior, avoidance of eye contact, and stiffness or flaccid posture when held. These children often have a history of irritability, feeding problems, and disturbed sleep patterns.

Parents of infants with failure to thrive syndrome typically display feelings of concern and inadequacy. The infant who is feeding poorly and is irritable may elicit a response in the caregiver that reflects tension and frustration. The need for comfort and nurturing by the infant may not be met, and this may lead to a cycle that exacerbates feeding problems.

Intervention encompasses identification of infants and mothers at risk for the syndrome and care of both mother or primary caregiver and infant. The major goals are to encourage the mother to express her feelings without fear of rejection, to model the role of mother and teach her nurturing behaviors, and to promote her self-esteem and confidence. Important nursing goals in the care of the infant include providing optimal nutrition, comfort, and rest; meeting the infant's psychosocial needs; and supplying emotional nurturance and sensory stimulation appropriate to the assessed developmental level.
ventilatory failure respiratory failure.
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kidney failure

Any of a number of conditions–eg, diabetic nephropathy, ESRD, lupus nephritis, characterized by ↓ renal function Management Dialysis; success is monitored by URR and Kt/V. See Acute renal failure, Chronic renal failure, End-stage renal disease.
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re·nal fail·ure

(rē'năl fāl'yŭr)
Impairment of renal function, either acute or chronic, with retention of urea, creatinine, and other waste products.
Synonym(s): kidney failure.
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kidney failure

The stage in kidney disease in which neither organ is capable of excreting body waste products fast enough to prevent their accumulation in the blood. Kidney failure is inevitably fatal unless the affected person is treated by DIALYSIS or has a kidney transplant.
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Kidney failure

The inability of the kidney to excrete toxic substances from the body.
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re·nal fail·ure

(rē'năl fāl'yŭr)
Impairment of renal function, either acute or chronic, with retention of urea, creatinine, and other waste products.
Synonym(s): kidney failure.
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