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Said CabbyCare Chairman, Mr Kanapathy Shunmugam: "CabbyCare has had a good partnership with KDF since we donated the four kidney dialysis machines in 2004.
Unveiling the year-wise break up of the influx of the kidney patients in the Centre, Head of the Kidney Dialysis Centre DHQ Hospital Dr.
Osman Al-Bushra, said that the 37 kidney dialysis devices were provided by the Arab, Egyptian and French Doctors Unions through the signing of memos of understanding with the Ministry of Health Affairs at Darfur Regional Authority.
Dr Frey, who is a consultant anaesthetist, said blood clots hardly ever happen with the use of citrate in kidney dialysis.
According to the study, besides addressing a costly and vexing problem in kidney dialysis, off-the-shelf blood vessels may be used instead of harvesting patients' own vessels for bypass surgery.
Mrs Hart, who made south Gwynedd a priority for expansion of renal services last November, said: "It is vital we improve access to kidney dialysis across Wales.
With more donor organs available, we hope, over time, more kidney dialysis patients will be able to receive a new kidney.
A new Midland kidney dialysis centre is to stay open and expand its services despite a decision by its American parent company to sell off similar centres around the globe.
Dr Alex Crowe, a consultant nephrologist at Arrowe Park and the Countess of Chester hospitals raised pounds 10,000 for kidney dialysis patients on his long bike ride.
A MAN tried to sell a bogus water filter that he claimed to have invented to a kidney dialysis unit, a court heard yesterday.
According to a survey-cum-investigation, conducted by late Tuesday, the monthly average of the arrival of the patients in the Mirpur DHQ hospital Kidney Dialysis Centre during last year (2014) was reported as 531 patients as compared to 160 patients admitted in year 2005 for the dialysis.