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A gene on chromosome 16p11.2 that encodes a microtubule- and DNA-binding, kinesin-like protein involved in spindle formation and chromosome movement during mitosis and meiosis.

keratosis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome



A rare genetic disease in which patients are born with calloused skin on the hands and feet, scaly plaques on the arms and face, corneal inflammation, and deafness. The hearing impairment can be treated with cochlear implants.


young goat or roe deer up to about 4 months of age.
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Donato says Wednesday, laughing as the tape shows him kidding around on the set with the film's star, actor Lou Diamond Phillips.
Jokes aside, COC wasn't kidding around when the school decided to reinstate football on campus after 17 years.
A couple of years ago, just kidding around one night, I asked her to list the things she loved having around the house the most.
Whether bandaging a scraped knee or kidding around to elicit a smile from a worried little face, Selene Hoffman always has been there for the children at Colfax Elementary School.