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A gene on chromosome 16p11.2 that encodes a microtubule- and DNA-binding, kinesin-like protein involved in spindle formation and chromosome movement during mitosis and meiosis.
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keratosis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome



A rare genetic disease in which patients are born with calloused skin on the hands and feet, scaly plaques on the arms and face, corneal inflammation, and deafness. The hearing impairment can be treated with cochlear implants.
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Many of the contributors to Kid Stuff insist that movies, TV shows, and video games not only assault kids with sex and violence but induce them to imitate what they see on the screen, ultimately causing them to lose their moral compasses.
Since the evidence in Kid Stuff tends to be selected for its usefulness in an indictment of popular culture, it's little surprise that many of the contributors are eager to restrict kids' exposure to TV, movies, video games, and music.
Despite its undercurrents of authoritarianism, Kid Stuff does offer some pleasant surprises.
But you get older and wiser and stop the kid stuff. I partied my tail off.
And every teacher knows a child with a decent meal inside them is more likely to learn than a kid stuffed full of additives and E numbers.